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It was a successful experience, with more than 3000 registered visitors to the "Matrex Natura" exhibition and a strong response also in the press and TV with dedicated spaces in about 50 local and national newspapers (among them Il Fatto Quotidiano, Vanity Fair, Interni Magazine, Il Giorno, MilanoToday.) and TV broadcasters, such as the magazine X-Style of Canale 5.

Visitors enjoyed the multi-sensory journey through the prime elements of Nature - Earth, Water, Air, Fire - and came into contact with X-BIO mattresses and the unique vision at the heart of our project.

"We are very pleased with this first experience at the Fuori Salone and the enthusiasm shown by visitors for Matrex Natura. As a company, we have participated many times at the Salone del Mobile in Milan exhibiting our mattresses and the latest technologies we have developed. This year, however, we decided to go further and not stop only at commercial and product logic," said Vincenzo Buoninfante, CEO of parent company Gruppo
Industriale Buoninfante.

"By participating in the Fuori Salone we reached out directly to the public and talked about values and principles, ideas for a common future where innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. These are central themes for both the Buoninfante company and X-BIO, our patented mattress that combines technical innovations with natural elements and regenerated materials, such as fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. At the Fuori Salone we chose to talk about these issues and present our vision, and we think the public understood. Even more reason for us to continue on the path we are on," concluded the company's CEO.

Our participation in the Fuori Salone was also enriched by two special events that were a great success: the first was the X-BIO party, a unique opportunity to get in direct contact with all of you and which additionally saw the launch of the new brand image and the exclusive participation of our testimonial Elisabetta Gregoraci.

The second important event was the workshop on Bionics and Design held by Carmelo Di Bartolo, professor at IULM and UNISOB Naples. Prof. Di Bartolo led us on a fascinating journey on the connections between natural forms and industrial technical solutions, offering an enlightening reflection on the relationship between Nature and avant-garde design.

X-BIO thus closes with success its first participation in the Fuori Salone in Milan, and we are already ready to start again looking at the next goals.