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X-BIO is growing and expanding around the world with the recognition of the X-BIO patent in Mexico and the registration of the X-BIO trademark in India and Bhutan.
Recognition as a patent, made official in recent days, attests to the originality and validity of the X-BIO technology system in the Central American country as well. A further confirmation after obtaining the patent in Italy, Europe and the world!
The patent certifies the X-BIO technology system that enables through hi-tech Coolmax and Airmesh fibers optimal thermoregulation for quality rest. Through its patented system, X-BIO manages and eliminates heat, sweat, and moisture to ensure cool, dry rest and promote rapid energy recovery.
Obtaining patent status in Mexico advances the path toward global recognition of the X-BIO system and brand. A stated goal that in recent days has also seen the official registration of the X-BIO brand in India and Bhutan.
This is the first step for the forthcoming development of X-BIO in the Indian peninsula and neighboring countries, a catchment area of more than 1.5 billion people, and a great opportunity for an innovative brand like X-BIO that in a very few years has garnered unanimous appreciation from Italian and international customers.
A series of achievements that add up to winning in March the award as "Voted Product of the Year 2024for the X-BIO Silver Ions model, following the success of the X-BIO Circulife mattress in the 2023 edition, and the success achieved at the Fuori Salone in Milan with the multi-sensory experience "Matrex Natura."
X-BIO continues to grow and pursue its sleep revolution in Italy and around the world!